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Lynn regrets last night because...

I was drinking with my son and his girlfriend and we eventually all went up to bed. They had their door open and when I went by his room I saw them doing it. We were REALLY drunk so I started laughing and started to leave. Then his girlfriend asked if I wanted a “front row seat”. I said what the heck and called her bluff. To my surprise they kept getting it on. I should not have felt hot but I did. I smacked Richelle’s behind a few times and they laughed. Before I knew i was stripped down too because Richelle kept pulling at my pants but then something happned I did not expect. My son rooled over and now was on top of me but still kissin Richelle. I knew I should have left but it fe;t good and then he put it in me. Richelle didn’t know he was inside of me at first and then saw what was happening and got kind of mad. My son didn’t stop though and he looked right at me and finished inside me. Richelle left the room adn so did I. We haven’t talked about it yet and I don’t know if I want to!!

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Damn, last night was...
regretted on: Nov. 2, 2011

  • No

    Plz remove this story i changed my mind about posting

    • Lolfag

      Bit late.

    • Yes

      You’re not the only one something like this has happened to. What happened, happened. Dont worry about it.

  • Sesaf


    • Yomomma

      shut the fuck up faggot

  • Heisenberg

    lmao dont believe it

  • Anon

    LOOOOOOOOOL!!!!! Thats awesome.

  • Latin_orquera

    this is gross.. =/

  • U-r-fuct

    Ha,Ha,Ha, your sons a “Motherfucker” literally!

  • Lorajohn

    Thats a effed up night!! Id forget it and never speak of it. SICK!!

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