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Joe regrets last night because...

I went out by myself and got hammered. I met up with the girl I’ve been hanging out with (as planned) but she was with her friend who hates me and they were both acting pretty crappy towards me. We seperated for a while and I ended up running into her at the other bar I went to where things went downhill QUICKLY. She saw me dancing with a “bigger” girl (which was really just innocent fun) and proceeded to become PISSED. She started dancing with some guy. A few minutes later she and her friend confronted me and accused me of screwing one of her other friends. I tried to talk them down but they were relentless and after a while I got pissed, yelled, and stormed out of the bar. I got my sister to give me a ride home. I then trashed my apartment and cut the heel of my foot on something.

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Damn, last night was...
regretted on: Oct. 22, 2012

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