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OneLuckyNight... regrets last night because...

This is very detailed because its a long and labored story, and would be incomplete without all the little details. I demand a lot of attention. from women. monogamy was never my strong suit. I am 29 years old, brown hair in a fauxhawk all the time and a gym rat. Yeah I know… douchebag. All through my teens and party filled 20′s I never pulled a threesome. A female coworker of mine had been hot for my nuts for a few months. I decided to oblige her and bury my root up in her that evening. I agreed to come to her home for vodka and cranberry drinks that evening. This cougar couldnt handle a lot. She had a smokin body for a 44 year old woman. C-cups and blonde hair, a streamlined athletic body from lots of treadmill work. I took her for a good 45 minutes before the overpowering snores took hold. I finished in her warm mouth.. I got up and dressed, then made my way back to the kitchen where I could hear the incessant laughter of young females. I stepped into the kitchen and here they were. I knew straight away who the short blonde with the massive breasts and fat ass was. This was my co-workers daughter . I smiled and said hello, she was all made up in a short black skirt and heels. She was sipping at the other half of the smirnoff bottle as I explained my presence in the home. I was almost immediately. interrupted by a mousy voiced, tall, thin, freckled redhead. She was sexy and made up as well with a beautiful smile. A conversation ensued and I agreed to go clubbin with them both. I drove these two sexy 22 year olds all over town bar-hopping. Dancing, drinking, and a little pot led us to the ride back to my coworkers home. Her daughter was in the passenger seat. Redhead was in the backseat. My coworkers daughter started massaging my cock through my pants. I didnt hesitate… my zipper was down and I was holding the back of her head as she sucked so skillfully on my manhood. The redhead reached in from the backseat and was prying at my neck and face. we started making out as the both of them were talking. about fucking mme. I was so excited that driving had become difficult. I yanked the car into a gomart parking lot just as red and blue lights filled my car. Everything happened so fast from the moment i was pulled from the car with my hard cock exposed in all its glory. I was referred. to as jersey shore by the officers. cuffed, stuffed, car was impounded. they gave the girls a ride home. I got an aggravated d.u.i. and indecent exposure charge. I am still fighting my way through it and have spent upwards of 7 grand so far.

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Damn, last night was...
regretted on: Dec. 26, 2012

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